named High Performer in G2 Winter 2023 Reports

February 15, 2024 named High Performer in G2 Winter 2023 Reports starts the year on the highest note. In the newest G2 Winter Reports - the world’s leading quarterly business solutions reviews report, has snagged the High Performer badge in the Freelance Platforms category, generating soaring G2 scores. 

It’s worth noting that has been named a High Performer in the software marketplace alongside companies, products, and vendors that won multiple quarterly awards, demonstrating the competitive nature of these reports. 

G2 bases its leader ranking on high customer satisfaction levels and a greater likelihood to recommend ratings from verified users on G2.

“Our continued recognition by G2 is a wonderful validation that we are taking the right steps toward providing the most streamlined and curated solutions to a more globally-focused, remote-first, and compliant hiring," said Sergiu Matei, CEO of Index.

This has been the 1st quarter in which achieved its leading spot in freelance tech recruitment. has an overall 4.6 (out of 5) rating including recognition as a tech recruitment leader in the Freelance Platforms segment for both organizations and the tech workforce. 

Over the past months, has continued enhancing the platform to provide best-in-class support for its community of clients and developers while strengthening its compliance, payments, communication, retention, and industry-specific solutions.

G2 review from partner

Reviewers continue to recognize for its blazing-fast hiring and well-established management, with notable feedback this winter quarter including:

🔝“Thanks to Index’s in-depth resumes and impressive list of pre-screened candidates, I’ve been able to hire brilliant engineers who perfectly match our work model and are fluent with technologies and frameworks we use.” - Stanislav K., Startup CEO

🔝“Great service. Very responsive and transparent. We’ve been impressed by the robust vetting process Index has developed over time. We found that all the candidates suggested to us had been very carefully selected based on our interests and important areas such as communication skills, technical expertise, teamwork, English literacy, and cultural fit.” - Craig C., Partner

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🔝“Index has fought tooth and nail to ensure their staff gets what they deserve. They make you feel like your relationship isn't just a contract but a synchronized team! When things are good, they provide constant support and health checks. When things are bad, they become an army defending their assets!” - Sallar R., Software Engineer

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Moving our tech recruitment platform up in Freelance Platforms rankings by G2, marked as the top choice for companies looking to hire tech talents and for developers searching for remote-first jobs.

Get a look into the company’s G2 reviews and learn more about how helped tech leaders, CTOs, CEOs, and developers streamline their recruiting process.