Scaling an AI-powered authentication service's engineering team quickly

February 15, 2024

Scaling an AI-powered authentication service's engineering team quickly

“'s involvement in the hiring process transformed it from being time-consuming and challenging to a streamlined and goal-oriented experience.” - Ryan Keavney, VP of Engineering at Entrupy

Specialization: One-of-its-kind scalable AI-powered solutions for product verification

Headquarters: New York, United States

Scope of work: Enterprise Software

Global market: Worldwide

Technology: Objective C, Swift, Python, Vue.js

Discover how helped Entrupy - an AI-powered luxury goods authentication provider - hire tech talent, optimize talent placement, and cut hiring costs.


Since its establishment in 2012, Entrupy has been at the forefront of utilizing artificial intelligence to develop scalable authentication solutions for luxury goods, sneakers, and accessories. With their cutting-edge product authentication technology, Entrupy ensures that buyers and sellers are protected from inadvertently engaging in transactions involving counterfeit and fraudulent items.

Founded in 2012

Number of employees 25

Total funding amount of $8.7M

Their patented technology combines AI/ML, computer vision, and microscopy to achieve near 100% accuracy in identifying and authenticating physical products. As a result, businesses across various sectors of the physical goods ecosystem, including retailers, governments, online marketplaces, and resellers, have embraced Entrupy's solutions.

Entrupy's offerings include two key solutions. Firstly, their authentication system utilizes AI to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit products, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Secondly, their innovative fingerprinting technique virtually tags and uniquely identifies individual objects using advanced computer vision techniques. client since 2021.

The Entrupy project

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Aiming to modernize their app, Entrupy was in need of a highly skilled iOS developer. Their search criteria included finding someone with availability in their time zone, strong English proficiency, and a budget-friendly solution. They specifically sought candidates proficient in Objective-C and TestFlight, capable of delving into an undocumented codebase and refactoring it for improved reliability and up-to-date functionality.

However, Entrupy's internal Talent Acquisition team had already encountered challenges in filling similar roles. Many iOS developers preferred Swift over Objective-C due to its difficulty to learn and use, resulting in a costly and time-consuming hiring process. The team's efforts to engage recruitment agencies had also proven unsuccessful in finding the right candidate.

Determined to overcome these obstacles, Entrupy decided to expand their search beyond their local talent pool and explore remote developers. Yet, without a reliable tech recruitment partner, they were unable to ensure a seamless and efficient execution that aligned with their cost and time constraints.


Entrupy's search for a reliable tech recruitment partner led them to the trusted collaboration with The partnership began with a role briefing session where engaged with Entrupy's technical team to understand their specific requirements, both technical and interpersonal.

Armed with these insights, tapped into its extensive network of high-potential developers, conducting thorough screenings that encompassed behavioral, technical, and motivational assessments. The candidates were further evaluated through technical skill assessments and reference checks with direct reports. Through this meticulous process, identified three high-performing candidates who were recommended to Entrupy for interviews.

Following a two-stage interview process, Entrupy selected a highly qualified developer from the UAE and swiftly onboarded him. This developer possessed seven years of experience in Objective-C, showcasing expertise in various areas such as architecture, design, development, testing, and deployment of iOS applications. He had previously worked on projects involving Git Pull requests, CI/CD with Jenkins, CoreData, Core Animation, AVfoundation, and more. played a vital role in facilitating the smooth onboarding, engagement, and integration of Entrupy's preferred candidate.

Impressed by the quality of candidates and the successful integration within their tech team, Entrupy decided to expand their team to encompass diverse tech roles. Over the course of two years, their collaboration with consistently resulted in the acquisition of:

  • 4 senior-level iOS developers for App Development from Europe & LatAm highly-proficient in Objective-C, Swift, Swinject, Unit Testing, Flask, JavaScript.
  • 3 senior-level Python developers for both Full-Stack and Backend Development from Europe & LatAm skilled in Django, MySQL, MongoDB, AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS.
  • 1 senior-level Vue.js developer from Brazil with a basic knowledge of Python.
  • 1 senior-level Automation QA from Romania skilled in GitHub, Bugzilla, Bug Tracking, Computer Science, and iOS.

All the shortlisted candidates underwent a detailed assessment process with and now exceed expectations. They are high-performing developers who add value to the project. 

“ meticulously shortlisted qualified candidates for each tech role we’ve requested. Their expertise and experience aligned closely with our requirements.” - Ryan Keavney, VP of Engineering at Entrupy

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Leveraging the hiring expertise of helped Entrupy enable a better candidate placement, so they were able to secure the suitable tech talent for their roles within days. The feedback was excellent - the engineering team and developers both remarked on the great collaboration and increased performance.

Total assignments: 12

Active developers: 9

  1. Expanding talent pool. Entrupy tapped into an extensive talent pipeline, specifically targeting high-performing iOS, full-stack, and Python developers who were well-suited for the role. 
  1. Optimizing screening. Thanks to in-depth candidate profiles and tech/soft skill assessment process, Entrupy could get a better feel and understanding of a candidate’s qualifications, drive, and personality. 
  1. Saving money. Unlike costly traditional hiring, utilizing proved to be a cost-effective way to cut costs and still find the best candidates. 
  1. Saving time. The implementation of allowed Entrupy to swiftly qualify potential candidates, simplify pre-interview evaluations, and gain access to vetted and ready-to-start remote engineers within a short period. 
  1. Simplifying operations. The collaboration with helped Entrupy bolster their globally distributed staff and reduce costs, enabling them to focus on core business operations, as assumed all legal responsibilities. 

Now, the US company is well on its way to fulfilling its ambitious scaling plans with a team of software engineers located beyond its New York headquarters.

“From running assessments and placement tests to conducting interviews and facilitating the onboarding process, provided comprehensive support throughout the entire hiring cycle, ensuring a successful outcome for us.” - Ashlesh Sharma, Co-Founder & CTO at Entrupy

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