How Glopal onboarded Python and DevOps engineers with maximum accuracy and efficiency

February 15, 2024

How Glopal onboarded Python and DevOps engineers with maximum accuracy and efficiency

“With Index, we transformed the time-consuming, stressful, and risky hiring process into an agile, verified hands-on experience.” - Rafał Boczarski, Engineering Manager at Glopal 

  • Specialization: Cross-border trading
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Global market: Worldwide
  • Services: Marketing Localization Solutions, E-Commerce, XPort
  • Technology: Perl, Python, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins

Time-consuming sourcing and screening processes cost you a lot. But gut-wrenching mis-hires can cost you much more than that. Learn how French-based SaaS company Glopal skipped the early stages of recruitment and hired skilled Python and DevOps engineers in record time with maximum accuracy and efficiency. 


Glopal is a fully automated SaaS solution that connects millions of buyers and merchants around the world to unlock cross-border trade. Glopal provides advanced international marketing solutions for e-commerce retailers and brands seeking to grow their businesses globally. Using a suite of automated localization tools, like Shopping Ads, International SEO, currency conversion, translation, international shipping, and global returns, merchants can quickly launch their stores on international markets, promote them to new audiences, and scale their brand globally. 

Founded in 2019

Total funding amount: 20M€

Number of employees:  75 

Offices globally:


Glopal needed to magnify the power of its software development team with experienced Python (full-stack) and DevOps engineers, setting the candidate’s background, rate affordability, and time-to-hire as crucial requirements. 

But they were limited to finding top talent in their existing labor markets since high-end DevOps and Python engineers are notoriously difficult to find. This skill shortage is especially felt by the companies who compete for this role locally. 

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To meet their fast-paced employment needs, Glopal chose as their global recruitment partner for fast, easy, and bias-free hiring. 

From the first meeting, Glopal’s Engineering Manager felt that the Index account managers understood their pain points, meaning that a trustworthy, secure, and reliable partnership was established right from the start. 

A quote of Rafał Boczarski, Engineering Manager at Glopal, written on a blue background
Rafał Boczarski, Engineering Manager at Glopal supported Glopal throughout the entire hiring cycle from running assessments and placement tests to conducting technical interviews and facilitating the onboarding process. 

Renowned for its untapped brilliant Python and DevOps engineers, Eastern Europe has become the starting point for sourcing and screening candidates. 

The sourcing and screening activities run by the team identified the highest-ranked Python and DevOps candidates for this role on our platform.

At the same time, the verification procedure handled by our Vetting team tested candidates for job-specific skills like code quality, cybersecurity deployment, troubleshooting, and container build strategy implementation as well as more general skills like problem-solving, communication, accountability, and English proficiency.

With the use of predictive analytics, estimated that any of the shortlisted candidates that will eventually make it through the interview stages have a big chance to thrive on the job. 

All these internal processes merged with a flawless matching executed by our talent recruiters, allowed Glopal to view applicants to find perfect fits that suited the company mission, culture, and goals. 

Glopal’s tech recruiters needed to conduct a two-stage interview process with five shortlisted candidates per each position to hire one DevOps engineer and two Python developers on a full-time basis.

All of the software engineers assigned for the project previously worked for similar profile companies on distributed teams and demonstrated a robust background in Perl, Kubernetes, AWS services, and CI/CD (based on Jenkins) deployment and now they are core members of Glopal’s distributed software engineering teams. 

As a company based in France, sourcing candidates from Eastern Europe made perfect sense for Glopal. Having chosen this region, the French-based company was able to fill its open positions with hard-to-find senior DevOps and Python professionals at a fraction of the price. 


Implementing Index helped Glopal save precious time on screening resumes, optimize pre-qualifying interviews, and access verified, high-skilled, and ready-to-start remote engineers in just a few days. 

As a result, Glopal quickly found suitable talents for their project, carried out compliant onboarding and augmentation of their globally distributed workforce, and streamlined the payment to their new team members. 

Glopal has a distinguished international team of software engineers, which helps them meet their ambitious growth targets. But even more important is the peace of mind they got from this partnership as they could focus more on the core business activities leaving the complex local labor laws, employment regulations, tax systems, and international payments to 

“As a globally-spread company, we know that distributed teams perform better. Index has become a significant tool in our hiring strategy. Partnering up with them ensures that we can get the most talented DevOps and Python engineers from all walks of life.” - Rafał Boczarski, Engineering Manager at Glopal   

What Python and DevOps engineers had worked on so far:

  • Building and setting up new development tools and infrastructures
  • Implementing various automation and release processes
  • Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats
  • Identifying technical problems and developing software updates and ‘fixes’
  • Planning out projects and being involved in project management decisions
  • Providing operational support of the applications in production
  • Collaborating with Development teams on identifying and deploying the best CI/CD solutions

Technologies used: Python, Perl, Kubernetes, AWS, EC2, S3, Vault, Python, CI/CD fx based on Jenkins

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