Finding data engineering experts with a high-performance factor

February 15, 2024

Finding data engineering experts with a high-performance factor

"Technology is the lifeline of our marketing software and new technology gives us the opportunity to evolve. By unlocking a diverse talent pool, made the hiring of Data professionals an easy task for NetRefer. This enabled us to find the right talent in a fast and efficient manner." - Mark Scerri-Pace, Head of Product Delivery at NetRefer

  • Specialization: Platform Affiliate Marketing Software
  • Headquarters: Gzira, Malta
  • Scope of work: Performance Marketing Solutions
  • Global market: Worldwide
  • Services: Application Performance Management, Gamification, Marketing, Gaming
  • Reputable partners : Microsoft Azure 
  • Technology: C#, .NET, Azure

Hiring proficient data engineers and database administrators can be a daunting task for many businesses. This is why NetRefer - a platform affiliate marketing software - partnered with to outsource software experts from a broader talent pool. 

This case study will look at some of the challenges faced by NetRefer in hiring data engineers and how the partnership with helped them overcome these obstacles. 


NetRefer is a high-end provider of affiliate marketing software. It powers some of the industry’s most successful and high-volume affiliate programs by providing a single centralized complete solution.

Founded in 2005

Number of employees: 51

Affiliate accounts: 350,000+

NetRefer handles the whole affiliate marketing lifecycle from the affiliate signup and CRM, media serving, accurate and reliable performance-based advertising tracking, customer reporting, finance & rewards management up to payments back to affiliates.

Founded in Malta in 2005, NetRefer has steadily grown year after year to establish itself as the leading provider of affiliate marketing software in industries such as iGaming, Forex, Finance, and Option Trading verticals.

Index client since 2020.

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Driven by the mission to provide the best affiliate marketing software in the world, NetRefer had two main challenges when looking for a qualified database engineer and an administrator:

  • Finding remote-backed experts with a robust knowledge of C# and .NET
  • Managing those remote experts efficiently and compliantly 

To find the right data talent, Netrefer needed to broaden its talent pool and get rid of unqualified candidates. At the same time, to manage the remote team, they also needed to streamline the hiring process, saving time and effort.

NetRefer turned to as a comprehensive tech recruitment solution that could enable them to source and screen tested, proven, and trusted data engineers from its talent pipeline across the globe.


Back in 2020, proved invaluable to NetRefer in their assignment of two experienced Database Engineers and Administrators. Throughout the entire process, provided assistance in assessing applicants, implementing tests, conducting technical interviews, and hand-picking only candidates with proven remote backgrounds and international experience. 

As Asia and Eastern Europe were widely known for their data engineering proficiency, determined these regions as the starting point for the examination of potential candidates. This enabled the platform to shortlist three candidates for each job opening in a fast and reliable manner. 

By leveraging, NetRefer was able to identify senior data engineers and administrators and immediately begin interviews without wasting precious resources. After learning more about each potential candidate, NetRefer could assess their technical expertise and soft skills, filter the applications accordingly, and hire the best fit for each position. 

NetRefer’s Head of Product Delivery was delighted to discover the ease of communication they had with each onboarded employee. Impressed by the quality of the new team members, the marketing software assigned a few more qualified data engineering experts, expanding their team and ensuring long-term project engagements.

With an extensive range of technologies, quality-assured marketing services, and agile processes, NetRefer can continue to hire remote tech talents globally that match their high demands. 

Results has been a great help to NetRefer, enabling them to quickly assess candidates, streamline pre-interview screening, and access vetted and ready-to-start remote data engineers in no time. 

Additionally, the company was able to save time and money, as they did not have to invest in recruiting and onboarding.

This, in turn, helped them successfully augment their workforce on a global level, in compliance with all local laws and regulations. It also relieved them from the trouble of managing international payments, providing a great example of what can be achieved when working with a comprehensive outsourcing service like 

Total number of assignments: 9

Active developers: 9

Longest placement: 2 Years 

NetRefer was able to hire nine qualified data experts with a strong grasp of C# and .NET and proven international experience, resulting in long-lasting partnerships, stronger recognition of their high-volume affiliate programs, and more scalable performance marketing technology solutions. 

As a result, the Malta-based company is making impressive strides toward realizing its expansive ambitions with a distinguished selection of software engineers located much further than its base of operations.

"The implementation of allowed us to gain access to proven data engineers within a short period, swiftly qualify potential candidates, and simplify screening evaluations. This collaboration helped us bolster our distributed team, reduce hiring costs and focus on core competencies, as assumed all legal, employment, and compliance requirements." - Mark Scerri-Pace, Head of Product Delivery at NetRefer

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