Hiring full-stack Java developers in a hyper-competitive talent market

February 15, 2024

Hiring full-stack Java developers in a hyper-competitive talent market

“Index.dev developers are doing a great job. Though we work remotely, we have a great outcome. They understand our business and stick to the goals. They are loyal and hardworking. Plus they’re open-minded when it comes to finding solutions to the toughest of development challenges. They often know the best direction for our product, mission, and impact.” - Tomas Vocetka, CTO at Omio

Specialization: Travel, Search Engine

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Market: UK & Europe

Services: Ticket booking and comparison service

Technologies: Java, Spring, AWS, Kubernetes. Ember.js. React/React Native, Node.js

In today's digital world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right software engineers for your business. This is why many companies are now turning to outsourcing services to get access to experienced developers with the right tech stack.

This case study looks at how Europe's leading ticket-booking service Omio hired Java developers from a diverse talent pool and what challenges they faced along the way. 

Explore how Index.dev helped Omio streamline their hiring for Java roles in a highly competitive and candidate-driven talent market. 

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Project description

Omio - formerly known as GoEuro - is a ticket booking service that offers a multi-mode search tool that compares and combines rail, air, bus, and car for destinations.

interface of a ticket booking app
Omio ticket booking service

Founded in 2013

300+ employees hailing from 50+ countries

Total funding amount of $476M

Operating with more than 1000 transportation providers like Eurolines, Lufthansa, Delta, RyanAir, Renfe, and Amtrak, Omio provides a single and integrated source of travel information through its simple mobile booking app. 

Index.dev client since 2021. 


To reinforce its software engineering teams and build products faster, Omio was on the lookout for senior full-stack Java developers with a robust knowledge of Spring. 

Due to an increasingly competitive market, finding the right candidate for this role through the traditional hiring process proved to be time-consuming and costly. 

To wipe this out, Omio needed to leverage a broader talent pool and simplify the recruitment and management process, prioritizing budget and quality of candidates. 

At that point, the Omio team decided to screen potential tech recruitment outsourcing services. 


Back in 2021, when the partnership with Index.dev started, Index.dev had already built a robust pipeline of pre-vetted Java engineers. 

In this context, Omio was able to tap into thriving talent hubs like CEE, Turkey, and Asia. Java development services in this area retain cost-effectiveness and high qualifications, making them an attractive direction for Europe-based tech companies. 

To facilitate efficient implementation of Omio projects - both in communication aspects and deadlines, Index.dev vetting and matching teams agreed to prioritize finding high-performing candidates with strong problem-solving skills, self-initiative, and team-leading capabilities. 

After a comprehensive screening, vetting, and assessment process, Omio onboarded four qualified, accomplished, and certified Java developers that matched the requirements.

Each selected candidate previously had Java-backed experience working remotely for international projects. 

Impressed by the quality of the shortlisted candidates, the Berlin-based ticket booking service has assigned three more programmers for full-stack and backend development in a full-time and long-term engagement. 


Total number of assignments: 7 

Active developers: 4

Leveraging a tech recruitment platform like Index.dev streamlined the screening and selection process, allowing quick decision-making, and leading to faster remote hiring.

The Index.dev account managers made sure the assigned candidates fit Omio's budget expectations.

Throughout the assignment, Index.dev has established great communication and long-lasting relationships between Omio and newly-assigned tech talents, managing developers’ payroll and timesheets and ensuring high employee satisfaction and retention.

The assigned software engineers have on average 7.7 years of experience in software engineering and have proven international experience in FinTech & App Development. They all have integrated well, performed above expectations, and handled Omio's compelling tech stack requirements flawlessly on a long-term engagement. 

All in all, Index.dev developers enjoy Omio's inspiring company mission, unified management, a resilient culture, and passionate teams. 

A testimonial from Omio CTO, Tomas Vocetka

“Index.dev nuanced understanding of Omio’s hiring needs, fluid communication during the assignment, and high-reliability in managing developers. I can only recommend this approach.” - Tomas Vocetka, CTO at Omio

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