Reducing time-to-hire & finding out-the-box developers

February 15, 2024

Reducing time-to-hire & finding out-the-box developers

“Leveraging the Index tech recruitment acumen was a great decision for us. We were able to find talented developers for our hardest-to-fill roles - all while simplifying the hiring process and saving precious time on conducting interviews. On top of that, Index kept the pulse of everyone involved in the assignment process ensuring long-term relationships between our software development team and newly assigned engineers and high retention rates.”  - Doug Diehnelt, Head of Engineering at Perforce Software

  • Specialization: Software development
  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Scope of work: Collaboration Software
  • Global market: Worldwide
  • Services: Software Version Management, Source Code Control, SCM, IP Threat Detection, Git Management, Code Review, Agile Project Management, and DevOps
  • Technology: DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes, GCP, Docker, Ember.js, .NET, .NET API

For global companies the ability to find the right developer at the right time from a larger pool of candidates and save precious time in the hiring process is extremely valuable. Explore how the leading US provider of highly scalable development and DevOps solutions Perforce Software used Index to enable more screening accuracy and find out-the-box developers for its globally distributed team.


Founded in 1995, Perforce Software is one of the leading US providers of highly scalable development and DevOps solutions for team collaboration, intelligent testing, and repository management for businesses. 

Perforce helps companies build complex products more collaboratively and securely. Being a trusted advisor for top companies in automotive, financial services, game development, medical devices, virtual production, and embedded systems, Perforce serves more than 15,000 customers, including Adidas, Samsung, NVIDIA, Intuit, Pixar, Salesforce, EA, and Ubisoft. 

Today, Perforce solutions are used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies to innovate at scale.

Index client since 2021

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The partnership with Perforce Software started back in 2021 after they acquired 21 Labs - an AI-based mobile testing services provider with 3 active Index developers at that time. 

With one goal in mind to help technology companies build complex products more collaboratively and securely, Perforce Software was in the search for super senior developers. They were looking for candidates who specialized in some extremely rare and hard-to-fill roles such as DevOps or Ember.js, setting background, experience, and time zone as a fundamental requirement. 

But finding the right candidate through the traditional hiring process in these technologies was extremely time consuming, costly, and inefficient, especially when the candidate pool is limited, candidates have poor resumes, and the market is increasingly competitive. 

To get rid of that, Perforce Software needed to tap a bigger talent pool and simplify the screening and interviewing processes.

Man in a VR experience on colored background
VR Experience With Perforce


After considering several options, Perforce Software decided to partner with Index to leverage its LATAM-based remote software professionals. They requested a highly-qualified DevOps engineer with sharp coding skills and previous work experience with AWS and GCP. 

It took several days for Index to provide a top-performing candidate from Brazil who previously worked at the production site of the 3rd largest bank in South America. The assigned developer was hired for a long-term engagement after a two-stage interview process and started working full-time just two weeks after the initial presentation.  

Impressed by the candidate quality, Perforce Software placed 5 more job opportunities with Index. There was a requirement for: 

  • A senior Ember.js developer, LATAM-based to work for their team located in the US;
  • A senior .NET developer specialized in .NET API and Visual Studio plugin, LATAM-based to work for their team located in the US;
  • 3 more Senior DevOps engineers with excellent AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker knowledge, Balkan-based to work for their team located in Israel.

After a robust vetting process for both technical and soft skills, Index allocated experienced developers for specific DevOps, Ember.js & .NET roles. All candidates showcased in-depth expertise in their fields, had a good level of English, and previously worked remotely for international clients. 

Among those skilled developers was Gabriela Larrengle - a super-talented Ember.js developer from Argentina who joined the Perforce Software team on a long-term full-time engagement. 

“Work is a huge part of our life. Joining Perforce helped me surround myself with like-minded, ambitious, and driven teammates and challenged me to work on global projects.” - Gabriela Larrengle, Front-end Ember.js developer assigned by platform. 

Read her inspiring interview on Index blog and find unique perspectives on women coders and career fulfillment.


After implementing Index, Perforce Software has been able to cut down the painful and time-consuming hiring process, weeding through piles of similar resumes. The quick selection and evaluation process has helped them find out-the-box senior candidates who now thrive at the job. 

As a result, the Minnesota-based company has been able to continue to grow exponentially as a recognized leader in DevOps solutions and has been able to:

  • Access a larger tech talent pool that goes behind traditional hiring, LinkedIn, and job portals
  • Fill the void in their team on hard-to-fill technologies and positions like Ember.js developer without wasting time on lengthy screening
  • Shorten go-to-market time, increase performance and ROI, and speed up deployment process

“Index is certainly the future of tech recruiting as we were able to onboard only driven and ambitious developers. Its well-managed vetting process allowed us to screen only qualified talents and get rid of those candidates who aren’t sufficiently motivated or technically - inclined enough that usually comes with traditional hiring.” - Anjali Arora, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Perforce Software 

What DevOps engineers had worked on so far:

  • Developing complex web and mobile front-end and back-end applications
  • Develop and implement platform components to support containers 
  • Coach/mentor/support other developers to help with their development upskilling
  • Present technical solutions, capabilities and features in business terms 

Technologies used: DevOps, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Ember.js, .NET, .NET API, Visual Studio.

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