SimpliField Case Study. Hiring high-performing developers & implementing tech stack migrations

February 15, 2024

SimpliField Case Study. Hiring high-performing developers & implementing tech stack migrations

“Our recruiting process was simplified by, and we were able to find experienced remote developers faster and more easily.” Olivier Mayot, CTO at SimpliField

Specialization: Mobile Platform for Retail Operations

Headquarters: Paris, France

Global market:Worldwide

Services: Analytics, Retail Technology

Reputable clients: Sony, L’Oreal, Hublot, LVMH, GrandVision

Technology: Javascript, Node.Js (backend), Angular/React (frontend)

Face it. Things change fast in tech. Staying up to date with technology stack migration is what usually keeps your product competitive. While it may seem challenging, it won’t be with the right tech team onboard. Discover how helped SimpliField - the leading mobile platform for retail operations - facilitate a tech stack migration, optimize talent placement and cut hiring costs. 


SimpliField is the leading fully integrated mobile platform for internal communications, retail operations, and advanced performance analytics. 

By leveraging SimpliField, companies replace spreadsheets and paper forms with a smart mobile solution. They have real-time insight on the field operations making them more agile for better execution and sales.

Notable brands like L’Oreal, Picard, Sony, Hublot, LVMH, Alliance Healthcare and GrandVision and retailers across 400,000 stores trust SimpliField in increasing their sales by 1-3% and cutting reporting time by 50%.

Founded in 2013

Number of employees: 51

Total funding amount: $15.5M

Founders: Benjamin Zenou, Georges Plancke, Jonathan Attal client since 2022. 

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To stay competitive and reinforce their development team's technical excellence, SimpliField sought senior-level Javascript developers for tech stack migration (from the outdated Angular.Js framework to modern Angular). The goal was to maintain current functionalities while improving overall code readability and structure. They prioritized finding qualified applicants with a solid knowledge base of Node.js and Angular/React frameworks for backend and frontend development respectively. In addition, budget constraints, remote backgrounds of potential hires, and speed of hiring were taken into consideration.

SimpliField sought to expand its talent pool beyond local offerings, as the local market had been highly competitive and costly. But finding software developers who would accept the challenge of rewriting code was daunting. Nevertheless, SimpliField looked to diverse talent maps to outsource qualified developers that could meet their needs - a route they had previously taken with success.

A portrait picture of a man with a beard and a white shirt, on a white background
Olivier Mayot, CTO SimpliField


SimpliField turned to Index as a global recruitment network for a robust and diverse talent pool of experienced and well-versed developers. Initially, they requested two developers who besides technical expertise should have strong problem-solving skills, ownership in the workplace, and self-initiative.

Upon consultation, and SimpliField agreed to prioritize sourcing in CEE, CIS, and Baltic states due to its advantageous geographical location, digital infrastructure, depth for these specific tech stacks, and relatively low costs compared to similar-profile French candidates. 

Following a rigorous selection focused on well-qualified talents from Europe, tech recruiters narrowed it down to three candidates per each position providing comprehensive insights into their capabilities. Each candidate previously had experience working remotely for international Fin-Tech, and SaaS projects and showcased a proficient level of English. 

By learning more about each potential candidate, SimpliField could assess their technical expertise, filter the applications accordingly, and immediately begin interviews without wasting precious resources. They needed to conduct only two interviews to onboard the desired talent. 

Impressed by the quality of the vetted candidates, the French company requested two more candidates for frontend and backend roles respectively who started working full-time just two weeks after the initial presentation. 

As a result, SimpliField hired multiple qualified JavaScript, Node.JS, Angular & React developers, expanding their team and ensuring long-term engagement and retention.


“The successful outcomes shown by the newly-assembled team made a great difference in taking our tech operations to the next level.” Olivier Mayot, CTO at SimpliField

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Results streamlined the assignment, improving the selection process, allowing quick decision-making, and leading to faster and fully remote hiring. The in-depth candidate screening and assessment allowed SimpliField to secure the right A+ players for their diverse projects and initiatives. All four developers are senior-level professionals and have shown a wide range of frontend and backend expertise.

Total assignments: 4

Active developers: 4

Additionally, the French company managed to: 

  • Reduce time-to-hire: simplified interview system cut recruitment time by up to 75%. SimpliField was able to secure high-performing front-end and back-end developers within days. 
  • Optimize screening: Thanks to in-depth candidate profiles and tech/soft skill assessment process, SimpliField could get a better feel and understanding of a candidate’s qualifications, drive, and personality.
  • Save money. Compared to costly local hiring, SimpliField has been able to save money while still securing top-quality developers located beyond their Paris headquarters.

With such quality-assured developers and agile processes that match their standards, the French company is well on its way to fulfil its ambitions, and scaling plans. 

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