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Index is a leading platform to find high-performing remote Node.js developers and programmers, top Node.js professionals, specialists, coders, and architects. Leading startups and enterprise hire full-time, expertly-vetted Node.js contractors to work on their most important projects.

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13+ Months

Juan E.

Juan E.

Back-end Developer

12 Years of Experience

Natalia T.

Natalia T.

JavaScript Developer

11 Years of Experience

Jorge R.

Jorge R.

Full-stack Developer

9 Years of Experience

Marta L.

Marta L.

Web Developer

9 Years of Experience

Javier B.

Javier B.

UX/UI Designer

8 Years of Experience

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Hire senior experts who match US-level engineers in expertise and work ethic, integrate easily into your team, and deliver high-quality code from day one.

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Get to work with your new hire on a risk-free trial. Pay only if you're completely satisfied with the results. We handle all payments, NDA's, and the complexities of remote contracting.

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Skip the hassle of sifting through resumes and meet 3 handpicked candidates who are the perfect fit technically and culturally, so you can focus on building great products.

Tailored Support

Benefit from personalized support throughout the onboarding process, talent integration, and ongoing performance monitoring with a dedicated account executive and expert talent matcher.

The Use Cases of Node.js

We detail various use cases of the tech, including types of software systems and solutions you can build with the tech and the optimizations clients can get with the implementation.

Web Development

Build scalable web applications, enabling server-side rendering and real-time communication for enhanced user experiences.


Enhance customer engagement through real-time inventory management, personalized recommendations, and scalable solutions capable of handling high traffic.


Enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and innovate business processes within banking, financial services, and insurance sectors.

Social Network

Create engaging social platforms, handle messaging traffic, develop communication apps, build document editing tools, and analyze communication patterns effectively.


Craft sophisticated apps with real-time data visualization, analysis, and workflow automation for simplified business operations.


Enhance patient care with custom medical software for real-time monitoring, remote patient tracking, communication systems, and efficient data management solutions.

Internet of Things

Improve IoT systems with real-time data processing, streamlined device communication, lightweight runtime, and event-driven architecture.

Streaming Services

Empower streaming platforms with smooth management of concurrent connections, stream data, and robust support for video, audio, and live broadcasting.

Microservices Architecture

Implement microservices with multiple server instances, optimized routing, and enhanced scalability, maintainability, and efficiency for faster performance and streamlined code.

Real-Time Applications

Create real-time applications like chat apps, online gaming platforms, and collaborative tools.

Node.js Stats: Latest Usage Insights


most used web framework (Statista)


less time is spent loading


top 1M website market share

How Recruiting through Index Works

1 minute

Post a job

Sign up & tell us about your project and the skills you’re looking for.

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Screen candidates

We send you 3 hand-picked interview-ready JavaScript developers for your role.

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Once contracts are signed, you and your dedicated developer can start working together, under our management.

Node.js developer selection process


Step 1

Background checks & remote experience

We kick off our screening process with comprehensive background checks. We scout for tech talent well-versed in project management, AI tools, collaboration software, and with ample remote work experience. Our goal is to connect you with candidates capable of adapting to any remote work environment.


Step 2

Soft skills assessments & English level

In addition to technical prowess, Index.dev evaluates talent on soft skills like attitude, values, work ethics, education, and English proficiency. We prioritize amazing teammates, not just exceptional workers.


Step 3

Technical expertise & skill-specific problems

Our tech assessment phase rigorously evaluates CVs for essential tech skills, including programming languages, frameworks, algorithms, and system design. Rather than seeking proficiency in multiple languages, we prioritize candidates excelling in one or two key tech skills.


Step 4

Live interviews & coding tests

Candidates undergo rigorous live interviews and real-world tests to showcase their competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity. Index.dev members are experts in their domain, and only those with exceptional results progress beyond this phase.


Step 5

Culture fit, rate expectations & time zone overlap

As a quality-first remote work platform, we prioritize top talent and top client satisfaction. We assess personality traits, culture fit, and time zone availability, seeking candidates who are passionate and fully engaged in their work. This principle guides every engagement and project delivery.

How people describe our collaboration

Brian L.

Brian L.Client

CEO • 50+ employees

Excellent company to co-operate with. I've got only positive emotions to work closely with Index.dev company which helped me to find a new project with excellent engineering team. It allowed me to find new horizons as a developer and work harder with a stack of apps which are trending at this moment.

Aryk G.

Aryk G.Client

Founder • 250+ employees

They are not only recruiting devs, they keep a close communication channel and careful listen to you and providing feedback so not only the client is happy but also you.

Hellen G.

Hellen G.Client

Head of Recruiting • 100+ employees

Index is our secret weapon for hiring experienced software developers and delivering scalable AI-powered solutions for our clients.

Alexandra F.

Alexandra F.Client

HR Manager • 50+ employees

We have been collaborating with Index for several years as partners and it has been an amazing experience. The communication is always transparent and efficient, the team knows the market and the best strategies to drive growth and is always ready to try something new to achieve even greater results. Index.dev uses a data-driven approach in everything they do, so each decision or next step is always based on numbers to make sure the client accomplishes the best results. A pleasure to work together!

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high performing vetted talent from Balkans, CIS & LATAM


longer commitment compared to in-house engineers


technologies covered, from Python & Java to Rust & Scala


months average job engagement

7+ years

the average industry experience of our tech talent


successful trial-to-hire placements

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